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Are you about to start a career in facility management but you are skeptical about the kind of offer you will get? Or are you wondering if you will be able to find work in your dream company after training? We have made it easier for you by providing a breakdown of the kind of companies you can work in as a facility manager in Nigeria.
We all know that facilities managers play a very important role in also all types of companies and their positions are often irreplaceable and highly sort after. Due to the fact that facilities managers get to integrate and monitor processes and people simultaneously, their job description is often encompassing and tasking in its own right. The work of an FM is also quite a challenging one.

Let’s look at some job descriptions and what companies look out for when hiring a facilities manager.

Job Descriptions of a Facility Management Officer

The descriptions many differ depending on the type of company that is hiring. That is, the job specifications coming from a real estate firm will be quite different from the job specifications coming from a logistic firm. However, there will still be huge similarities between what both company want and what facilities managers are generally trained to provide.
Let’s take an example between the real estate company and the logistic company mentioned above.

A typical job description of a real estate firm
  • Periodical assess the Rent structure of the facility.
  • Ensure that tenancy agreements are being monitored.
  • Ensure that the firm assets are used effectively and are well-preserved.
  • Ensure that the properties generate sufficient returns on investment.
  • Guarantee that repairs are being organized and checked.
  • Manage the company’s real estate holdings.
  • Conduct thorough estate inspections, including interviews and legal searches, and write a detailed report for each one.
  • Manage short-let rental properties.
  • Ensure all apartments are rented by sourcing for tenants
  • Provide additional revenue streams from real estate sales, leases, and rents.
A typical job description of a Logistic firm
  • Develop concepts while keeping the organization’s needs, the building’s use, and the surroundings in mind.
  • Maintain equipment and supplies in accordance with health and safety regulations.
  • Inspect the structures of buildings to see if they need to be repaired or renovated.
  • Put under control activities such as parking spot allocation, rubbish disposal, and building security.
  • Make comprehensive blueprints and any necessary adjustments.
  • Keep strict adherence to budgets and deadlines.
  • Ascertain that all work is completed in accordance with certain standards, building codes, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Keep up with architectural developments and trends.
  • From start to completion, keep an eye on the project to ensure a high-quality, inventive, and functional design.
  • Assist in the search for a branch location.
  • Organize and manage branch logistics.

To plan the installation of branches, including the timely supply of equipment, furniture, materials, stationery, and security services.

From the above job specifications it is easy to see that the major role of a facility manager is majorly the care of buildings and the occupants. Employees basically need the FM to integrate systems and people in an efficient manner.

To understand the responsibilities of an FM officer, the descriptions can be future streamline into 7 core services generally offered by facility managers and they are as follows:

  1.  Ensure that the areas that are inhabited by the owner and those that are rented are monitored.
  2. Maintains and assures the effective operation of whole business systems.
  3. Oversees and assigns assignments to the facility’s workers.
  4. Ensures the security and safety of the building.
  5. Ensures that the infrastructure and equipment of the building are always operational and running appropriately.
  6. Maintenance and repair responsibilities, including proactive and preventative maintenance.
  7. Maintains the facility’s janitorial and housekeeping chores.

We can see from the descriptions that they are definitely talking about same thing but in different context. This is because each company must tailor every facility management operation to suit their needs.

10 Types of Companies that a Facility Manager can get a Job in and a summary of the Job Descriptions

  1. Real Estate firms
    You will be required to see to the maintenance and running of the buildings. You will also be a marketer for the company’s products such as the short term and long term lease. The major result your employer expects from you is an increase in revenue by making sure that no facility under rent is empty. In addition, the ability to optimize the running cost of operations and stick to budgets is thing your employer will look out for.
  2. Food Manufacturing Firm
    The facilities manager in the food sector is responsible for maintaining 100% hygiene in the food preparation areas. You will be involved in organizing activities such as floor cleaning, personnel training, machinery cleaning, machinery repair, pest control, sanitation, and so on.
  3. Law Firms
    As a law firm’s facilities manager, you will be required to ensure that all components of the building are in working order. You will rectify problems like HVAC or plumbing system failures and will be available to deal with any electrical problems that may arise.
    Other responsibilities include helping with overseeing departments activities and making sure they achieve their objectives, organizes purchasing, address is safety and security etc. Because law firms hold critical client meetings during the day and evening hours, you should be ready to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that everything is in working order.
  4. Hotels and Hospitality companies
    The job as Hotel Facility managers is a really important and essential one. You are in charge of keeping the hotel in good repair and ensuring that visitors are well cared for during their stays. On the back end, you will be responsible for examining rooms, managing budgets, timetables, and keeping track of employee performance. On the front lines, you’d be interacting with guests immediately and address any issues that may arise.
  5. Medical Facilities and Laboratories
    The job of Healthcare Facilities managers involves familiar with the building’s design as well as the equipment used inside, both medical and non-medical. That implies that you’d be responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of equipment such as computers, medical devices, elevators, and other similar items. You will also be in charge of obtaining and reviewing contractor bids, approves and, in some situations, supervises any building renovations, expansions, and retrofitting. You will also oversee rules for hazardous waste removal and general maintenance programs in addition to all of this.
  6. Schools
    Your core responsibilities will be to assume ownership of the campus facilities as a facility manager in a school by monitoring all elements of facility upkeep, school safety, and cleanliness. Assist and support the Director and teaching staff in ways that will help them perform better in their jobs. Outside of school hours, respond to emergencies.
  7. Oil and gas companies
    The major job responsibilities as an oil and gas facilities manager is to ensure procurement of equipment supplies, keep inventory of asset, ensure regular technical report on state of the equipment and make certain that task are meet before deadlines.
    You will also see to high safety measures and make sure that standards are adopted in any preventive and corrective maintenance work being done and so on.
  8. Logistics companies
    The core responsibilities like previously stated in the example above involves building maintenance, repair, inspect and ensure the safe keeping of logistics goods, optimization or budget and storage and so on.
  9. Construction industries
    Some core description of an FM in construction is to assist in the planning for the designing and management of all cycles of the new construction, as well as cost estimating. Maintenance, equipment procurement, overall building management, time management and preliminary planning are part of the functions of an FM in a construction company.
  10. Technology firms
    Tech companies deal with lots of equipment daily therefore they need the help of competent facilities managers to help with the smooth integration of processes and workflows within their organization. As an FM in this kind of setting, you will provide maintenance and cost effective approach to the management of the company’s equipment. You are also to help with using the latest technologically advanced approach to problem solving and making sure that the firms never run of out storage or experience any security breach.

This list is by no mean exhaustive. As long as a company is housed in a physical facility and operates on complex systems, it needs the help of a well-structured FM team. And there are many more industries like these where you’d find a good job and a fulfilling career as an FM officer.

Popular Skills and Qualifications Requirements for a Facility Manager

Like the job description, the job requirement differs from firm to firm, depending on the position in view. For entry level positions in general, the job requirement will involve being a BSc holder of same or related discipline along with an adequate training and experience in the field.

Making a Decision

In conclusion, a facility manager job is highly sort after by major companies in several niches. And with this guide, you can make a well-informed decision on whether to pursue facility management as a career or not and the better understand the options you have in the job market.

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