3 Technology Trends in Facility Management You Need to Know

Facility Management | By Emmanuel Taiwo


The purpose of Facility administration is to improve the quality of life of people and the productivity of the enterprise with the built environment. One of the most vital elements of identifying the success of a company is by means of developing enabling surroundings for its employees. The facility management helps to higher help the flow of productive processes.

How can you have a facility supervisor remain in the fast-growing industry?
Firstly, let’s talk about the use of Technology. As a facility manager, you have to be conscious of the technology trends in facility management and the new science consistently discovered in the industry. It is been used in techniques and provider offering to your customer. The simple concept of a digital place of business falls below the class of facility administration and that is why the facility managers must focus on them in their provider offering.
There are several Emerging Technologies that has been of great help to Facility management administration and they have helped tremendously in the following component;

• Asset tagging which helps in embedding information for monitoring and monitoring assets and activities.
• Real-time get admission to sensor and surveillance records for proactive occupants’ safety.
• Intelligent waste collection via the use of sensors.

Technology Trends in Facility Management


What is a Computerized Maintenance Management Systems  (CMMS)?
CMMS is a software program machine that manages a complete company’s preservation activities. It supports the upkeep personnel with the aid of supporting to improve a database applicable to upkeep activities. One of the most used CMMC is the Cloud-Based CMMS. Its hosted and managed with the aid of the provider business enterprise and the consumer company just receives to use it without needing to develop its personal in-house IT resources. The seller is responsible for the protection offerings and any troubleshooting required.
A community connection is required to get right of entry to the software. The software program can be accessed with any machine capable of web connection, making it hardware independent. This feature also approves for use on mobile devices.

Advantages of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

Data collection: The facts indicating the equipment’s situation is a core requirement for predictive maintenance. Instead of manually accumulating facts of every machine, the sensors accumulate the data. The facts are analyzed, and relevant motion is initiated such as Work Order generation, spare components requirement, etc. etc.

Data analytic: The facts collected are analyzed for in addition action, instead than presenting it in any shape for manual analysis. In the analytic section, acceptance standards and exclusive threshold values are defined

2. BIM

What is BIM Building Information Modeling?
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of bodily and practical traits of a facility. It is about facts that are built up starting from the phase of design, to construction, and finally operations and maintenance, in both geometry and non-geometrical structure describing constructing elements. For a facility manager it is important for the facility supervisor to the skill to gain real-time get right of entry to correct facts on the building facilities. Knowing the basic records about the belongings and the upkeep records are key to providing speedy and superb responses to issues.

Benefits to the FM Industry

Increased Productivity
With the capability to share data faster, simpler and greater accurately, it presents a huge productiveness boost to the work process. Technology such has Building Information Modelling has made facility managers to successfully meets up with expectations.

Efficiency Transformation
The digital transformation through leveraging on applied sciences requires the FM team to re-strategies modern-day working methods. It is not simply about improving the universal service best and realigning the scope of works, but most importantly, it’s about changing mindsets and moving out of relief zones.

Improved Livable Environment
When attaining full integration of BIM modeling with higher impact in FM, greater complicated & greater constructions can be designed and built. This is additionally determined by the capacity to control greater complicated building with operations that require greater precision and service quality.

Centralized Information

BIM for FM brings records from distinctive sources, such as stay facts from Building Management Systems, Operation and Maintenance manuals, Work Order history, and more, and arranges it around a very easy to use interface. This way managers, owners, and technicians can have got admission to this giant amount of information in a way that they can make feel of it, and leverage it to make higher decisions. Technology is difficult enough, so the device needs to be very simple and intuitive.

3. BAS

What is a BAS Building Automation System?
Building automation systems (BAS), additionally regarded as constructing administration systems (BMS) and electricity management structures (EMS), or genuinely “building controls,” are the central fearful machine of a facility. BAS deliver far extra value than just alerting technicians when manipulate points exceed alarm parameters or figuring out the biggest fireplace to tackle that day. They play a necessary function in managing occupant comfort, safety, and, ultimately, employee productivity.

The BAS additionally approves facility managers to amplify renovation techniques to encompass condition-based renovation via incorporating information factors that indicate when a device is no longer running at peak overall performance or is trending toward failure, hence requiring protection action.

Benefits of BAS to the FM Industry

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs
Because a BAS lowers electricity use while enhancing performance throughout a facility, it lowers the stress on the factor parts. You won’t need to time table as many repairs for lights, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. due to the fact the BAS has made all their jobs easier. Expect to get extra years of carrier from all parts of your building!

Lower power costs

BAS not solely helps to automate a building gadget with sensors however additionally acquire records involving the constructing power usage, which can be studied for possibilities for plausible improvement

Data Collection.

BAS approves facility supervisor to screen and control the building device every time anywhere. Building automation system permit us to react to problems straight away so that we can rapidly respond to any issues before it will become more serious.



Today technology allows proactive building management which enables Facility Manager to do beyond just maintenance, because technology has created a transformation outcome within the built environment. Facility management tools helps streamline workflows and uses data and analysis to improve every phase of management. However, to be successfully as a facility manager you must empower yourself in the area of technology.

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