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5 Best Facility Management Companies in Nigeria
A review of the top facility management companies in Nigeria and why they stand out and what to look out for when outsourcing them.

Facility Management | By Maxmigold Limited


The internet can be classified as a giant hub of information and it is pretty common to get easy answers by just doing a search for something of interest. This is why is it important to get the right information at the right time and place especially when it comes to a specialized service like facility management.

First, what is facility management as a service and why do you think you might need it?

The short definition and the only one that will be given in this article is – Facility management (FM) is a multidisciplinary profession that integrates people, places, processes, and technology to maintain a physical environment’s functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency.

The person who oversees the whole Facility management process is called a Facility manager. This individual contributes to the bottom line of an organization from being in charge of the firm’s largest and most valuable holdings, such as properties, building management systems, equipment, and other settings that shelter workers, productivity, inventory, and other operational elements.

So have you decided yet that your industry needs a facility manager or thinking of taking facility management seriously?

Here are the most significant elements to look for in a facility management company before engaging them in any type of services:

  1. Increasing facility and personnel productivity
  1. Best-in-class and on-time performance
  2. Promoting long-term cost management strategies that are sustainable
  3. Implementation of HSE statutory requirements and standards
  4. Facility management with the use of technology
  5. Facility management with a full range of services
  6. Consultancy services tailored to your needs
  7. Managing facility and personnel risks
  8. Service that is measurable and accountable
  9. Environmental impact reduction

If you have been searching for Nigerian firms that are leading the way in facility management services or you are looking for the top facilities management companies in Nigeria and internationally, look no further as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 5 best Nigerian companies paving the way in the industry and highlights of what sets them apart.


  1. Max-migold Limited

Max-Migold is a company that specializes in facility management, training, inspections, and technology consulting. Multinational businesses as well as Nigerian organizations looking to reduce expenses, attain sustainability, and develop human capital in the facilities management industry might benefit from their services. They offer clients concrete, results-oriented consulting services that yield an immediate return on investment.

Facilities management advisory, energy management advisory, building and property inspections, equipment management, cost-benchmarking, workforce supply, recruitment, and facilities maintenance are among the services they provide.

Max-Migold is also a proud and certified distributor for BEST (British Energy Saving Technology), a major energy company with operations throughout Nigeria. Any forward-thinking company wishing to reduce their energy consumption while saving money would benefit greatly from their technology and innovative approach to “cleantech” through their efficient and effective optimization of a facility’s energy consumption .

Apart from their advisory and energy management core services, Max-Migold also offers facility management courses and trainings for management and field personnel in charge of property portfolios and contracted services operations and maintenance.


  1. Avant Facilities Services

Avant Facilities Services Limited, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is a technology-driven facility management and environmental management organization with quality health and safety policies and standard operating procedures. They provide integrated services to businesses in Nigeria, and they take pleasure in their capacity to handle a wide range of maintenance services to ensure the built environment’s proper performance and long-term viability.

They provide a list of facility management services including mechanical, electrical and plumbing management services, civil and commercial maintenance, integrated facility management, environmental consultation and technical facility management.


  1. Willco Property Management

Willco Property Management is a client-focused property management firm that offers a wide range of cost-effective management services to a wide range of clients. They promise to combine soft services with hard core mechanical, electrical, and management assistance in order to ensure quality, competitive pricing, and asset longevity.

Among their facility management services are Property Management, Research & Feasibility Consultancy, Leasing Consultancy & Tenant Management, Retail, Management, and Outsourcing Services.


  1. ICS Outsourcing

Facility management services are provided through ICS outsourcing to both private and public companies. They assist in the management of office requirements and the improvement of building operations. Companies can also rely on them for complete technical and operational solutions, such as servicing, repairing, and maintaining generators, air conditioning, electronics, plumbing, and other sorts of equipment and facilities. ICS outsourcing has a reputation for delivering exceptional facility services through a sophisticated, seasoned technique. Their goals are simple: consistent client dedication, high-quality assistance, and efficient work management.


  1. Cxall Ltd

Cxall Ltd is a facility management firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, that provides services to residential and commercial premises around Lagos and Nigeria. They offer a full range of pre-construction, construction and project management services and their services ranges from Building Maintenance, External and Facade Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning Services, Lighting Products and Solutions, Planned Maintenance Surveys, Blocks Maintenance, Green Energy and Building Surveying.



This is not an exhaustive list of the best companies in facility management but it will guide you in your selection. It is also important to note that most of these companies are located in Lagos, Nigeria but some of them might have branches spread out in cities all over the country so when looking to employ their services, seek to link with those having branches in your city or with the firm who wouldn’t see logistics as an issue.  However, it is worthy to note that the companies listed above offer their services both locally and internationally and also provide best practices in compliance with standard procedures.

Furthermore, it is important to adopt the best approach when looking to outsource and this include first conducting an extensive research on each company and then proceed to look out for client reviews, executed projects, and feedback, as well as licensing where necessary, durability and efficiency of managed projects, professional expertise and many more.

With this review, we hope we were able to guide you in making the right choice and be able to find the best facility management company that will meet your every need.


Need help getting started? We at Max-Migold Limited can help you with valuable information and deep insights on how Facilities Management can benefit your business and help you cut cost. Contact us here.

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