5 Tips on how to build Self-Confidence

5 Tips on how to build Self-Confidence for Facility Managers

Self-confidence is one of the vital qualities you need to possess as a facility manager. Therefore we have compiled 5 tips on how to build self-confidence for facility managers. It doesn’t matter the type of manager you are or how long you have practiced the profession, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Many times, most people give in to thoughts, words and actions that destroy the confidence they have in themselves.

Self-confidence in the work ethic has a lot to do with you. No one can build it for you, you need to discipline yourself in various ways that will be listed below and after that, you weigh and evaluate your level of self esteem.

What is Self-Confidence?

The word confidence is taken from a Latin word ‘fidere’ which means ‘’to trust’’; therefore, for you to know that you have self-confidence then, you must believe in your innate abilities. Another name for ‘self-confidence’ is ‘self-assurance’. Assurance in yourself that you can do things that you otherwise cannot do. It has more to do with evaluating your worth.

Five Tips on how to build Self-Confidence 

  1. Happy (Smile)

There is nothing that can give you instant self-confidence as being happy. No one can make you happy, only you can do that. Choose to be happy and choose to stay happy. Smile to yourself and say positive things about yourself. Look in the mirror each morning and say “I’m the best facility manager’’. The more you keep saying that the more you see yourself at the peak of your achievements.

  1. Learn Widely About Your Profession As A Facility Manager

There is a common saying that he that is tired of learning, should be tired of living, therefore, studying or learning has a key role to play in your improvement and progression as a facility manager. You can’t give out what you do not have, so start from learning the A-Z of facility management. Don’t limit your learning to one source, learn outside the box, seek learning from other reputable sources, that’s the only way you can rise above the limit you previously found yourself.

  1. Prepare and Practice Your Profession

Preparation and practice are two things that works hand in hand, and they go a long way in building up the best in you. Show me a man or woman who is indolent, running after the frivolous part of life and I will show you a man who is a mediocre. A mediocre is always lost in the crowd, his is to be on the average unit, they never want to go higher than where they are. Ask yourself these few questions:

“Am I mediocre?”

“How do I know I am not? what do i do to rise above mediocrity?”

To avoid mediocrity, you must adequately prepare and practice your profession. Preparation and practice are big sacrifices you need to pay, if you must rise to the Zenith of your deepest ambitions.

  1. Build a Success Mindset

This has a lot to do with the mind, always thinking about success can bring about increased accomplishments, and you must build a success mindset i.e. “I am good enough for this job. I can do it. No one can stop me.”

If your mind is built on these thoughts, then things will start changing in your life for good.

  1. Who is Your Role Model?

Your choice of a role model has a lot to do with your self-confidence, if you choose a role model who is in the same discipline with you and who excels, you as well will see yourself improving and progressing and your self-confidence will grow by 100%. So, decide now to know who you choose as your role model.

5 Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Self-Confidence

  1. Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the major causes of failure and low self esteem. As a facility manager when you begin to leave the tasks that should be performed, saying I will do it some other time, and when that other time comes you keep pushing it forward, you are only heading to the pit of failure, because slowly and indirectly you are falling behind, and your effectiveness will decrease. You need to rise to your duties and shun the negative energy of procrastination.

  1. Self Demeaning Thoughts, Words and Actions

This is the second negative energy that can destroy your self-confidence. When you begin to think, say or act in ways that portrays that you can’t do a particular thing, and then know that, you are lacking behind.  Remember, words are powerful, if you say you can’t, there is a signal that is sent to your brain that registers that, that task cannot be performed, that will automatically decrease your effectiveness in carrying out that task.

Thoughts, on the other hand are powerful weapons that can build or destroys us. There is power in the subconscious, so you must avoid entertaining negative thoughts.  Actions on the other hand, have to do with the display of our thoughts and words. Remember, that you are a portrait of your words and thoughts, because how you think and what you say is displayed in you. If you are told to carry out a particular task, however how difficult or unpleasant that task might seem, you must avoid the ‘I can’t’ phrase. You can do anything if you try. Just try and you’ll see that you can.

  1. Avoid Fear

The acronym for FEAR is – False Experiences Appearing Real. Fear has the power to kill, steal and destroy when you give room to nursing it, it doesn’t just develop, it comes slowly, I may come through the above-mentioned attributes or it may come through negative friends, who can’t give value to you or even their lives. On the other hand, you might question your worth, by saying ‘’I am deficient of the adequate skills needed to practice this profession!’’, ‘’I am not good enough!’’, why am I always making mistakes?’’

Once you begin to entertain these thoughts, you are at the verge of destroying your personality, your career, and your profession in general. Facility management is a profession that requires building your self-confidence and killing the cankering spirit of fear.

  1. Avoid Intimidation

Avoid people or things that tend to frighten or oppress you, and make you feel less confident. From such people flee away, because the more you stay with or around them, the more useless they will make you be. While practicing this noble profession, keep your head up, believe in yourself and in your capacity to do good and great things, only then can you be at the peak of achieving success as a Facility Manager.

  1. Avoid Insecurity

Insecurity means always thinking you are not able to do something. For instance, you have a contract to deliver and instead of focusing on the possibility of getting that work done, you focus on the ‘Can I really do this?’

Always learn to let go of your insecurities and aim to get more knowledge and certification in your chosen career. Develop the ethics of your profession so that you can be well grounded in it, and hence become more confident in your abilities.

In a Nutshell

Self-confidence is one of the key tools to becoming a better version of you as a facility manager or any type of manager in any company. Don’t give up on your efforts in striving for excellence and competence. In the long run, you’d be a more successful and fulfilled individual.




Photo Credits – Anna Shvets from Pexels

Facility Management Tips  |  Article written by ESTHER ITA 

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