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This breakdown on the best beginner courses in facility management for 2021 can help entry level professionals in the field to get a grip on the rudiments and fundamentals of what the profession is all about.

A good way to start is to make sure that you are well vast in the field of choice. It is very important that you conduct proper research on the skill set you are about to acquire, ask questions, get a good tutor and of course get proper training on it.

If your goal is to change career paths or you are looking to build a new FM team for your company to scale up on efficient management of resources and productivity then we have made your search easier.

Reasons Facility Management is a Great Career Choice

Facilities management, when done correctly, makes things operate so smoothly that most businesses do not hesitate to give it a try. This is also a reason why everyone notices when it is done incorrectly; operations suffer, equipment and systems fail, and worker safety and productivity suffer. Facilities management’s key functions may make or destroy a firm, which is why people with FM experience and specialized training are in such high demand.

Steps on How to Become a Facility Manager

The steps on how to become a facility manager is not a complex one.  However, it’s necessary for you to acquire the basic knowledge about the profession when starting out and as well as take on developmental courses and trainings, certificates, and degrees that are accessible both online and offline.

List of beginner courses in Facility Management

To get you started, here is a list of 7 beginner courses in Facility Management that will guide you in your journey to start a fulfilling career. These courses are offered by one of the Best Facility Management companies in Nigeria and you can take them online and in person. Our choices were based on ease of the course, timelines, instructor credentials, program accreditation, the breadth of the program material, and feedback from previous students.

  1. Facility Management Essentials

This is a Facility Management Training Fundamentals. It is a four (4) day training/workshop with materials and a certificate from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) USA. The Facility Management Essentials Program is a series of training workshops designed to meet the growing educational needs of FM professionals in the global landscape.

Overview of topics covered in the Course

  • Introduction to Facility Management Workshop
  • Operations and Maintenance Workshop Series
  • Work Management in Facilities Workshop Series
  1. Online Asset Management Certificate Course

The Asset Management Certificate Training covers the globally recognized key asset management principles (AM). It is divided into 14 modules and is completed in three in-depth webinars.

The Asset Management Certificate Training is an interactive course with exercises that make the complexities of AM simple, clear, and enjoyable. In addition, It also covers the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management’s 39 subject areas. This comprehensive course includes the Management (GFMAM’s) ‘AM Landscape’ and is aligned with the IAM’s Competency Framework. It is all that is required to obtain the IAM’s highly regarded qualification and it’s a simple, quick, and an enjoyable way to learn the fundamentals of AM.

Overview of topics covered in the Course

  • Introduction to HVAC and refrigeration equipment
  • Components and spares quality control and sourcing
  • Maintenance procedures and work methods
  • Common faults & diagnostics
  1. Microsoft Excel Training

Learners will develop a deep understanding of the Microsoft Excel environment, as well as the ability to teach others how to utilize the application to its maximum potential – essential skills for accountants, financial analysts, and commercial bankers. Participants will learn how to build, maintain, and distribute professional spreadsheets for a range of applications and scenarios. They’ll make changes to their Spreadsheets setups to fulfill project requirements and boost productivity.

  1. Facility Management Master Craft Diploma

This is a course designed for anyone who works in or is interested in Facility Management or managing a built environment. Individuals who want to shift from any previous field of study and experience into facilities management as a career option can also take this course.

To receive the FM Master Craft Certificate, participants must complete three (3) months of intensive training that includes live classroom presentations, discussions, field inspections, and tests. The program is available in the Virtual and Physical Class setting.

There are 32 courses Topic in this program. Among them are;

  • FM Foundations
  • FM Career Course
  • Business Case Presentation
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Facility Planning
  • FM Contracts
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Management 1
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  1. Entrepreneurship

This course gives a comprehensive view of how to start up a facility management company from scratch. It gives in depth information on the stages of entrepreneurship development; the inception, collaboration, development, support, financing and goals.

  1. Archiving and Records Management

In this course, student will learn how to classify documents, establish and maintain diverse systems, and get a clear awareness of the value of records management and its importance in facility management.

  1. Change Management

In the context of project management, the word “change management” can be used as an alternative to change control methods, which involve explicitly introducing and approving modifications to a project’s scope.

This curriculum is a comprehensive Organizational Change Management (OCM) training that takes into account the entire organization and what needs to change. It covers a wide range of topics, including behavioral and social sciences, as well as information technology and commercial solutions.

After this course, you will be able to understand how organizational transformation affects people and teams, as well as how it may be handled.


Picking 3 to 5 of these trainings is a good way to get a grip on the facility management profession. As you can see from the list, not all the trainings come with a recognized certificate therefore you need to critically assess the courses above and begin on the ones that best suit your preference. Our honest recommendation is to start with Facility Management Master Craft Diploma which covers quite a number of topics in the field then proceed with taking related trainings that will help you to further develop your skill.

With this comprehensive breakdown, we hope you are better equipped with the right knowledge on how to start your career in Facility Management.


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