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Facility Condition Assessment Checklists

A facility condition assessment checklist or a facility condition assessment template is a list used to evaluate the condition of a facility or building. Following the best practices for facility condition assessment along with a well structured checklist ensures that important details of the facilities condition assessments are not left out. It ensures the assessment is 100% complete.

A facilities condition assessment checklist template can be used by a facilities manager, an engineer, an architect and other site construction professionals to successfully conduct a facility condition assessment. If you’re unsure of how to conduct a facility condition assessment, check out our post on the step-by-step guide on how to conduct a facilities condition assessment.

Let’s get on with the FCA checklist template

Note that:
5 Excellent – This implies the parameter assessed is brand new and has no issues to report. Facilities manager can plan for 8 – 10-year span
4 Good – This implies there is no immediate issues or concerns about the parameter assessed- facilities manager can consider replacement in 6 to 8 years
3 Fair – This implies that the average wear for building age. The parameter is not new but no immediate issues. Facilities manager can for replace within 5 to 6 years
2 Poor – This implies the structure assessed is worn from use and is nearing end of expected life cycle. Inspector should replace within 2 to 4 years
1 Critical – This means the structure is highly worn or damaged. Inspector should plan replacement within the next 2 years

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Facility Condition Assessment Software

A facility condition assessment software helps facilities managers in data collection and reevaluation of large data. Facility condition assessment software replaces paper trails and spread sheets that make data collection difficult. It is a collection of instructions that tell a computer how to work.

Maintenance of a facility increases as a building ages, and more data are collected and stored over time. Because it is important to have a list of all costs spent on a facility throughout its lifespan, collecting these information on paper can be difficult and some data lost.

Below are some of the importance of using a facilities condition assessment software:

  • FCA software helps facilities managers prioritize assets for maintenance/renewals
  • The use of Facilities condition assessment software provides a scientific approach to solving problems resulting to reduction in cost of operation.
  • FCA software helps to tract assets effectively.
  • The use of facility condition assessment software makes reporting and analytics easy.
  • A well-organized data lead to good decision-making process
  • but also reduces the cost of your operations; all because of a data-driven and scientific approach.
  • Using facilities condition assessment software also helps facilities managers justify capital budget requirement.
  • It also helps data to be assessed live by every member of the team.


Now that you know the best practices for facility condition assessments, what facilities condition assessment is all about, why it is so important to assess the condition assessment, how to rate the condition of your assessment using the FCI index, what is evaluated on a facility condition assessment and the step-by-step guide on how to assess the condition of your facility.

You have also been provided with a list of facility condition assessment checklists and some of the facilities condition assessment checklists you can use while on site.

So, it’s time to stop the guesswork and become intentional about assessing the condition of your facilities.

If you need an experienced hand with your facility condition assessment, we’re available to help at Max-Migold Limited. Talk to our representative today.

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