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9 Best Course of Action in Facility Management

When there is a discussion on changes in professions or field, Facilities management has proven to be dynamic and evolving progressively. As a field that is always changing, we have seen its progression from being a manual profession based on simpleton to technical machine and now digital devices. What was once thought to be mostly […]

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7 Best Beginner Courses in Facility Management 2021

This breakdown on the best beginner courses in facility management for 2021 can help entry level professionals in the field to get a grip on the rudiments and fundamentals of what the profession is all about. A good way to start is to make sure that you are well vast in the field of choice. […]

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3 Technology Trends in Facility Management You Need to Know

Facility Management | By Emmanuel Taiwo   The purpose of Facility administration is to improve the quality of life of people and the productivity of the enterprise with the built environment. One of the most vital elements of identifying the success of a company is by means of developing enabling surroundings for its employees. The facility management […]

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Facility Management Deep Dive – What is all about?

  Facility Management | By Temitope Lawal   For maximum work efficiency and productivity in a workplace environment, people need to be in a building where they feel safe and welcoming. People spend about 87% of their time in buildings. With buildings getting smarter everyday ad technology getting more sophisticated, these buildings need to be […]

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3 Ways Energy Management can Revamp Industries in Nigeria

Energy Management | By Haruna Inuwa Globally, there is a continuous increase in energy demand and population growth moves up exponentially. A new report released by the International Energy Agency displays 5% electricity demand-increase. This is despite a collective, however, systemic efforts by the federal governments and international organizations in addressing the issue of energy […]

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5 Best Facility Management Companies in Nigeria to Look Out for

Facility Management | By Maxmigold Limited   The internet can be classified as a giant hub of information and it is pretty common to get easy answers by just doing a search for something of interest. This is why is it important to get the right information at the right time and place especially when it […]