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ENISCOPE – The Complete Energy Management Solution

What is Eniscope Eniscope is a real-time hardware and software smart device that allows building owners, facilities managers, real estate managers, commercial facilities owners, and more to identify energy waste and eliminate costs, by allowing them to get a full view of their portfolio’s energy consumption. Eniscope is probably the most complete energy management solution […]

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Energy Auditing- Assessing Energy Consumption in Homes and Facilities

Many industries, businesses and even homes are getting more concern and intentional about energy management for their facilities. Companies and facilities owners are continually seeking for opportunities to reduce energy cost and are adopting several energy management technologies such as renewable energy and energy storage to achieve this and reduce emission. They do this by […]

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Does your Business Need a Facility Manager?

This is a valid question that might have crossed your mind a time or two especially if your business is growing and expanding. As you experience growth, you also experience an expanding staff, more stationery and tools, more equipment and its accompanying technology. With this expansion, you will experience clutter, mishap processes and wastage in […]

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10 Best Facility Management Software of 2022

Every organization be it a construction site, factory, educational facility, or corporate office, will undoubtedly face a variety of maintenance and organization issues. It is for this reason that facility management solutions and platforms exist and this is the reason we have compiled the 10 Best Facility Management Software to assist property managers and entrepreneurs […]

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Go Paperless with Document Digitization for Your Business in 2022

A great amount of medium to large scale enterprises possessing large on-site file records are seeing the increasing need to go paperless with document digitization. Long gone are the days where documents were kept in rolls and rolls of files cabinets from year to year.  The buildup of decades of these documents is no longer […]

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6 Differences between Facility and Property Management

If you mix up facilities management and property management, a lot of people won’t even notice. Although the two terms are similar enough that they can be interchanged in a casual environment, there are significant differences between facility and property management that can lead to misunderstanding and, ultimately, practical problems if used incorrectly in a […]

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Managing Energy in Homes and Facilities with Prepaid Meters

Finding the best ways of managing energy has become an important concern for many businesses and homes in Nigeria and all over the world. Deloitte report of interviewed companies gathered during the Deloitte Resources 2020 study revealed that half of the companies have energy management strategy integrated into their system. 48% of the companies showed […]