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Importance of Facility Management on Investment and Running Cost of a Building

Hiring a facility manager is a good decision because this means that you are entrusting the management and running of your day-day activities to another person. Good facilities management and maintenance can deliver greater flexibility, sustainability, and adaptability for your organization. Facilities managers are in charge of an organization’s building upkeep and maintenance, attempting to […]

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Best Practices for Facility Condition Assessment – Checklists & Software

Facility Condition Assessment Checklists A facility condition assessment checklist or a facility condition assessment template is a list used to evaluate the condition of a facility or building. Following the best practices for facility condition assessment along with a well structured checklist ensures that important details of the facilities condition assessments are not left out. […]

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Facility Condition Assessment – A Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful One

Assessing the physical condition of facilities has become an essential aspect of facilities management and maintenance. There are several reasons why we access the condition of an assets/ facility. Amongst many others is ensuring that the occupants of facilities are safe. Facilities that do not go through the process of building condition assessment can have […]

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10 Best Facility Management Software of 2022

Every organization be it a construction site, factory, educational facility, or corporate office, will undoubtedly face a variety of maintenance and organization issues. It is for this reason that facility management solutions and platforms exist and this is the reason we have compiled the 10 Best Facility Management Software to assist property managers and entrepreneurs […]

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6 Differences between Facility and Property Management

If you mix up facilities management and property management, a lot of people won’t even notice. Although the two terms are similar enough that they can be interchanged in a casual environment, there are significant differences between facility and property management that can lead to misunderstanding and, ultimately, practical problems if used incorrectly in a […]