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In the world where there is an inconsistent energy access in many countries, organizations are being plugged into unnecessary spending that incurs a huge revenue loss due to a system-wide energy waste. According to a study by a leading management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, Americans spend over $130 billion on wasted energy[i]. This, looking far and beyond economic indices, is systematically outrageous. The wasteful energy resources could be used to empower socio-economic activities instead of incurring a huge loss. A similar report[ii] indicated how the UK power system engulfed over £9.5billion courtesy of the energy waste before distributing the energy domestically. Meanwhile, stakeholders are finding difficult to accommodate these overall costs, and hence, the need to increase electricity tariff as the only target.

Now, the reader of this article would want to ask: What is the most cost-effective solution to this monumental economic loss? By saving energy, you save cost. And, therefore, revenue will thrive. In all of this, corporate leaders are on the go-to-find best market fit solution that will end the energy waste nightmare. This is many organizations, today, are implementing different cost-saving energy monitoring and management tools—to help them save costs from energy loss. This is the reason why you need to know about Eniscope—the best energy saving tool.

First of all, why Eniscope?

Becoming a game-change in the kingdom of the energy management and monitoring, Eniscope provides a needed solution to an outrageous energy waste and improving energy efficiency in any building environment. This innovative device comprises of a hardware, intelligent software, and accessible API. It is an incorporated solution for energy monitoring over the Nordics.

While building management comes with a lot of things, the most difficult management that attracts facility managers’ attention is managing energy within a building. This is consistently difficult; however way you appear to look at it. Because managing building energy without the help of a machine brings a troubling inconsistency, which may collectively increase maintenance costs. Once you notice your organization is committing to an uncommon cost that is unable to maintain the overall profit margin, then you need to start thinking on how to install an energy management tool like Eniscope.

Today, organizations that are dealing with heavy machines, appliances, and whatnot are deploying the energy management and monitoring tools to help address the unwanted energy wastes. This is because energy management device like Eniscope provides an integrated yet intelligent solution, energy consumption data across building or machines. More so, this device helps to manage energy activities, manipulate data, and provide a 360-view of the system. As noted in  [iii] companies like KFC, McDonald’s, IBM, Walmart, etc., have applied an energy monitoring and management to their system.

What is Eniscope?

The real-time capability of Eniscope makes it a game-changer in energy management and monitoring. It displays the invisible signals and invisible elements become visible using Eniscope. The smart meters provide a conceptual view of your meters and everything around. Eniscope also provides a guiding force in knowing which device/machine consumes energy most and where the energy is going in seconds. Consequently, this helps facility managers to save costs, risks, and energy wastes. Eniscope is, sometimes, referred to as—energy in the cloud.

What makes Eniscope unique is its IoT cutting-edge technology, which includes energy monitoring and management into one integrated system. That is, intelligent, secure-able, and very powerful.

The reader would ask, why energy management and monitoring?

Statistically saying, energy wastes in buildings cover over 25%[iv] as a result of inconsistent energy management. What makes energy wastes uncontrollable is the inability to track it. It is untraceable because of its invisibility. The good news is: We can solve this problem using energy monitoring devices. The sad news is: We cannot control what is invisible, thus the need for advanced metering.

Advanced metering gives an absolute control of energy system consumption. It helps you see and check how each machine/device pairing with regards to consumption. Or, even when some devices are put on unknowingly, which will alert you to chip and make an instant change in case of insignificant consumption surface. Employees can be guided by the help of the advanced meeting that show the accurate data combines with the effectiveness of the overall system. Public displays help employee’s behavior towards energy management and monitoring. The benefits, through advanced metering, are limitless.

How Eniscope works

It consists of a hardware, which carries twenty-four (24) maximum inputs: Eight (8) for the electrical signals (3-phase), and eight (8) for the gas and water pulses and eight (8) for the temperature. Eniscope monitors energy movements in building and machines with precise accuracy at any level. Whichever way you want to check, it will the energy flow will appear in the meter. The powerful feature of this device is its analytics capability that can be displayed online, on Mobile app or Energy displays.

The Three (3) Features of Eniscope You Need to Know

  1. Eniscope Analytics

This feature helps the facility managers and energy monitoring officers to keep a 360-view of energy consumption and costs in buildings with access to data analytics. Reports are available via your inbox and overall summary of energy consumption can be accessed easily. Eniscope analytics can be accessed on iPad and PC.

  1. The Mobile Application

In real-time, your staff will be able to see the energy consumption of the overall system on their smartphones. Daily, weekly, and monthly consumption can be compared. The application can be personalized according to your own flexibility and the user interface can achieve a lot including puzzle games. Both iOS and Android have app.

  1. Display of Energy

Eniscope energy monitoring device can be installed and connected in so many different ways and locations. Places where energy consumption are high in order to increase the sense of awareness of your staff within the building. This helps in engaging your staff and customers at large. Display of energy is customizable and could be extended to the mobile application structure.

At Max-Migold[v], we are committed to helping you analyze your energy data and over consumption in your building. Reports can easily be generated from the data and technical installations are made where necessary. For us, maximizing your energy potentials is our top priority.

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About Author

Haruna Inuwa is the Chief Operating Officer at Max-Migold Ltd. He can be reached via: haruna.inuwa@maxmigold.com

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