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ENISCOPE - The Complete Energy Management Solution

What is Eniscope

Eniscope is a real-time hardware and software smart device that allows building owners, facilities managers, real estate managers, commercial facilities owners, and more to identify energy waste and eliminate costs, by allowing them to get a full view of their portfolio’s energy consumption.

Eniscope is probably the most complete energy management solution you have ever come across. We can bet on that.Designed in the UK, Eniscope has been in existence for over 10 years and its functionality tested and trusted by some of the world’s renowned and recognized brands existing including KFC, 7-Eleven, Telefonia, and IBM.

With Eniscope in your building, you can eliminate hours of waste, expose energy abusing equipment, prove savings and change user behavior, identify maintenance issues before they happen and accurately calculate tenant billing.

Features of Eniscope for Energy saving

  1. IoT Sensor Air Technology:

    Eniscope features ‘Eniscope Air’ functionality. With this, Eniscope does not work alone. Each device is a connected system of IoT products: –Eniscope 8 Hybrid, Eniscope Air Switch, Eniscope air Sense, Eniscope air Digital, and Eniscope Air Ambient– that receives data seamlessly but powerfully from wireless sensors across the building without any form of disruption.

i. Eniscope 8 Hybrid
  • Fast installation and easy set-up
  • Hardware and cloud software combined solution
  • Proprietary API for third party installation
  • Scalable across large estates.
ii. Eniscope Air Switch:

This part of the Eniscope air suite acts as an extension that delivers the same granularity of energy monitoring at a device level. The Air switch also functions in turning the device on and off according to the schedule or logic controls.

  • It is easy to install
  • The Air Switch monitors power usage to avoid wastage
  • The case suitable for harsh commercial environment
  • It features Cloud-based asset level energy monitoring
  • It features temperature input for additional data context
iii. Eniscope Air Sense:

This has four sensors for temperature, lighting, humidity, and occupancy with capacity for more. This device used both battery and mains variants. The IoT sensor for energy saving can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.

  • It is fast to install and commission
  • This device has an ergonomic design
  • It is durable with a battery life of 10 years
  • It features an additional pulse input
  • Temperature sensor is accurate for air conditioning energy saving.
iv. Eniscope Air Digital:

The Eniscope Air digital features anon and off control can be scheduled to avoid unnecessary energy wastage. The power control is also triggered by occupancy, lighting, temperature and humidity.

  • This device is easy to install and commission
  • It features alarms and indicators
  • It tracks water and gas meter consumption.
  • Eniscope air digital features cloud-control system.
  • It saves energy in high value.
v. Eniscope Air Ambient:

Eniscope Air Ambient is a plug-and-play IoT solutions that permits air conditioning systems to optimize their performance.

  • Fast and easy installation and commission
  • It works with Air Sense to maintain temperature
  • It features intuitive cloud control system
  • Logic-based schedules and controls.
  • It features up to 3 HVAC systems per device.

There others are:

  1. Remote Control
  2. Cloud Monitoring
  3. Alarms and Notifications

Who Needs Eniscope?

Energy monitoring and targeting is identified as the first energy saving option by engineering giant siemens in a recent report. This is because energy monitoring makes it easier to perform other energy saving actions.

According to Siemens also, measuring and monitoring real time key performance indicators (KPIs) on site by collecting the right data in the right way helps to highlight problem areas and identify paybacks opportunities.

Eniscope is widely used in industries across the globe. Eniscope is suitable for all business types including”

  • Facilities management
  • Utility Brokers
  • Quick-service Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Real estate companies
  • Manufacturing companies; and many more.

Eniscope in Action

A convenience store specialist, with over 56,600 stores worldwide, employees of 45,000 and a total revenue of over $5.6bn, 7-Eleven have saved over 2,700,000 kwh and over 864 tonnes of carbon dioxide using Eniscope.

By identifying energy wastage using Eniscope’s comprehensive data and addressing the problem using behavioral modification, this energy saving feat was achieved at a “low cost or no cost solution” method.

With an average cost savings of 11.52%, 7-Eleven have now given the green-light to a full 120 store roll-out, covering every location in Denmark.

Peru’s largest airport, Jorge Chavez came across Eniscope after seeking a solution to key energy management problems they were experiencing. With 22% energy savings identified after a quick seamless installation, Jorge Chavez airport proceeded with using Eniscope with a full roll out.

Now, with a 10-year contract, 0$ up-front costs and an infinite ROI, Eniscope is used to monitor 1,417 circuits across the airport, Their energy management team now have an accurate minute-by-minute information at their fingertips as they continue monitoring and identifying energy saving opportunities across the huge facility. All with Eniscope!

  • KFC, Malaysia

A quick-service restaurant provider who operates long hours with energy-extensive functions, with operations over 20,000 locations across 123 countries. After a hot contest with 11 other providers of energy monitoring and management solutions, a single store proof of concept installation was conducted using Eniscope. A 24% savings on that store was delivered- the best among other tendering suppliers.

With this, an average of 18% energy bill savings on the project, a monetary terms of $100,000 worth of savings every single month, KFC is now enjoying:

  • A constant flow of real-time energy data
  • An intuitive dashboard system for analysis
  • An ongoing opportunitiesfor savings, including no-cost behavioral change solutions
  • Data to support Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and great PR opportunities.
  • Diego- AMeat Processing Plant in Honduras

The System

With a loading and unloading system with open doors of up to 5 hours daily, this meat processing plant industry in Honduras needed an energy management system to tackle the inefficient energy system of their refrigeration units.

The Process

Our real-time energy monitoring- Eniscope was installed, and this revealed where energy was being wasted in minute-by-minute resolution- the refrigeration units.

A consultation process was carried out with all levels of the DIHEGO hierarchy to come up with a solution to save energy, and without disrupting work process and efficiency.

The Outcome

The consultation process yielded positive returns as the floor-level operatives staffs came up with the best solution- Stacking the food outside of the doors, then shifting it inside in one go instead of leaving the doors open during the whole process. The new energy management process took only 30 minutes.

You Are Next in Line

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Max-Migold is an official partner of the British Energy Saving Technology

With Eniscope as the best energy management solution for your home and business, your facility is making a smart energy saving decisions.



Energy Management | By Temitope Lawal


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