Facilities Management Diploma Program – NYSC FM Master Craft


As a graduate, and NYSC corper, you represent the future of this country. Many choices will lie ahead of you now. Few will offer the immense character building and leadership skills you sorely need to succeed. Fewer still offer the concrete opportunity to build serious entrepreneurship skills. We urge you to take this priceless offer, the Facility Management Master Craft Diploma Program now.

This Facility Management course is aimed at equipping new/ practising/ professional Facility Managers with up-to-date industry knowledge and skills, tools, templates brought to you by the leading FM training Institute in Nigeria. Individuals who would like to make the transition from any prior field of study and experience into facility management as a career of choice are also welcome. Ultimately, the program is structured to cater to those who may require employment or run businesses in facility management.

The program is designed to ensure that participants possess all the requirements to guarantee very good FM jobs after going through the program ( refer to testimonies from the current batch of participants who got fantastic offers in the course of attending the FM Mastercraft Program here: https://maxmigold.com/testimonial/).

Make the highest gift you could ever give yourself a reality: the best man / woman you were born to become. Click the Red button to get started!

Training Schedule and Venue

The classes will be broadcast from Max-Migold Training Center at HRDC Building, University of Lagos Main Campus, Yaba, Lagos every Saturday 12 – 3PM and participants will join the virtual class via Zoom video telepresence from anywhere in the world. This experience is just like being in class; you attend classes online- live. You can ask and answer questions and everyone will hear you and see you, the only difference is that you will not be sitting on our chairs.

Course Outline / Topics

1: FM Foundations2 : FM Career Course3 : Business Case Presentation4 : Human Resources Management
5 : Strategic Facility Planning6 : FM Contracts7 : Customer Service8 : Financial Management
9 : Quality Management10 : Performance Management11 : Facility Maintenance Strategies12 : Maintenance Records
13 : Regulatory Requirement and Building Codes14 : Asset Management15 : Maintenance Planning and Records16 : Regulatory Requirements and Building Codes
17 : Space Planning and Move Management18 : Facility Condition Assessment19 : Air-Conditioning Maintenance20 : Sustainability and Energy Management
21 : Air Conditioning Field trip22 : Plumbing Maintenance23 : Cleaning and Hygiene Services24 : Plumbing Field Trip
25 : Project Management26 : Building Electricals Maintenance27 : Building Electricals Maintenance Field Trip28 : Building Fabric and Structure Maintenance
29 : Fire System Maintenance30 : FM Technology31 : Health and Safety Management32 : Workplace Hospitality and Occupants Services
33 : Starting and Growing an FM Business34 : Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity35 : Work Place Productivity

We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class facility management solutions.