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If you’re reading this right now, there are chances that you never thought of facility management as a career you will ever consider in the first place. You’re not alone. Unlike careers like medicine, engineering, and other management sciences, facility management field is a gold mine yet to be discovered.

To this end, we have written this article to guide you through your career path in facility management. This article will guide you through on the process you need to become a facility manager. It will help you know what qualifications you need to become a facility manager, where to take facility management courses, how to get facilities manager jobs near you and every other information you need to know about facility management as a career.

Job Description of a Facilities Manager

The job description of a facility manager involves the care of building, and the people living or working within the building or facility. Facility managers are mainly concerned with the safety, productivity, and efficiency of people within a facility in relation to their work environment. Without facility managers, a facility will not be safe for people living or working in the facility, and consequently, their work life productivity will be very low. Moreover, a workplace environment both inside and outside would be unsafe and unorganized.

Why do you need a facility manager? A workplace when well managed by the best facility management professionals, workplace productivity is at top-notch, workplace friction is reduced, the safety of employees is guaranteed and there is low operational cost, among other benefits. To this end, the need for facility managers is fast rising in many businesses. If the whole idea of ensuring all these interests you, then this career is meant for you. So, how do you become a facility manager? Check out our post on what qualification you need to become a facility manager.

How to Become a Qualified Facility Manager – What Qualification do I need?

Just like taking science subjects in college and undergoing internship training in medical school will qualify you to become a medical doctor, there are courses and training you need to take to become a facility manager. In college, management courses such as business, finance, economics, and marketing are what you should focus on.

Moreover, after graduation, employers want to hire those with professional experiences, hence you need training and qualification to become a certified facility manager. If you’re serious about becoming a professional facility manager, you will need to take facility management courses at a more professional level. This will help you get hands-on practical experience in the field.

Some qualifications in facility management include:

  1. Certified facility Management (CFM)
  2. Facility management professional (FMP)
  3. Facility Management Master Craft (FMMC)

Facilities Management Training Courses

Below is a list of some courses in facility management certification programs

  1. Facility management Professional
  2. Facility Management Master Craft Diploma
  3. Facility Management Master Class
  4. Facility Management Strategy
  5. Asset Management / CMMS Practical Training
  6. Facility Maintenance Management
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Practical Training
  8. Generator and Electrical Maintenance Practical Training
  9. Building Commissioning Operational Readiness
  10. Air conditioning Maintenance Practical Training
  11. Online Assessment Management Certificate Course
  12. Facility Services Contracting and Procurement Practical Training
  13. Facility Management Operations
  14. Facility Management Essentials.

Factors to Consider when choosing the Best Facilities Management Courses and Training Centers

There are many facility management training centers in Nigeria and other countries who offer professional courses in facility management and help people to become qualified facility managers. Before taking facility management professional courses in any facility management training centers, there are some factors to consider before choosing which and where to take facility management courses.

  1. Is the Facility Management Certificate to be Issued Recognized by IFMA?

    IFMA (International Facility Management Association) is the international organization representing facility managers all over the world. The best facility management training centers should be affiliated and the certificate they issue out should equally be recognized by IFMA

  2. Does the facility training program permit specialization?

Jack of all trade, master of none? There are several areas of specialization in the field of facility management. We have sustainability and energy management, assets management, plumbing maintenance, business case presentation, financial management, project management, performance management, building electrical maintenance, facility maintenance strategies, health and safety management, fire system maintenance, to mention a few.

  1. Does the facility training center offer hands-on practical experience?

The best facilities management training center offers their students hands-on practical experience during the course of their professional training. Experiences such as field trips allow intending facility managers gain field knowledge other than the theoretical knowledge taught in class.

Some facilities management training centers in Lagos who offer recruitment opportunities for their students after the training. They connect organizations with the best candidates available in the marketplace. From the class to the field, how does that sound? Great, right? Choosing facility management as a career is an adventurous experience you would love.

Where to take Facility Management Courses

There are many facilities management training centers in Lagos and in Nigeria at large where you can take facilities management courses. One of such is Max-MiGold, a physical facilities management, training, inspection, and technology advisory firm. They are committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing excellent facility managers who make a difference in the built environment globally.

Visit their website to see a list of their bestselling courses and some facility management training professional courses you need to become a certified facility manager and professional.

What Facilities Manager Jobs can I get with a Facility Management Degree?

As a facility manager, there are many opportunities across all sectors and businesses. Fields such as healthcare, education, finance, all rely heavily on facilities manager to help them manage their facilities.

Facility Manager Salary

Facility manager salary is above average, and it varies from countries to countries. The salary of a facility manager also depends on years of experience, level of education, size of the facility or building to be managed. According to Salary.com, the average salary range of a facility manager is $99,200 annually.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career in facility management is one you will enjoy if you give it a try. If doctors take care of people’s health when they experience emergency crises in cases of accidents, facility managers ensure people’s safety is guaranteed and that the emergency crises do not take place at all. Facility management field is worth giving a try.

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