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Max-Migold courses are designed for Management and Field Personnel responsible for the operations and maintenance of property portfolios and contracted services. Specific teams are referenced in the various courses outlined.

Facilities Management Master Craft Program

This program is aimed at equipping practicing/professional Facility Managers ...

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Facilities Management Masterclass

The Facilities Management Masterclass is for facilities and property managers, operations management professionals...

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Facility Management Diploma Program- Master Craft Saturday Exclusive

This training is structured to cater to those who may require employment in facility management. As the program is designed to ensure that participants in this category possess...

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Facilities Management Strategy (FMS)

The Facilities Management Strategy course is for facilities management, real estate, and property management...

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Asset Management/CMMS Practical Training

This workshop is for managers that are accountable for the assets in their organizations. It thoroughly explores the theoretical and practical aspects of data collation...

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Facilities Project Management (FPM

This course is for facility and project managers who are directly involved in the provision of project...

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Facilities Maintenance Management (FMM)

The Facilities Maintenance course is for building services operatives who are directly involved in the provision...

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Emergency Preparedness And Business Continuity Practical Training

The process of putting together a risk assessment plan, a disaster recovery plan, and a...

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Generator & Electrical Maintenance Practical Training

The generator and electrical maintenance course is for building services operatives who are directly involved in the day-to-day ...

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Workplace Productivity Training

This course is for professionals who want to acquire the requisite skills to navigate the modern work place and deliver results ...

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Plumbing And Sewage Systems Maintenance Practical Training

This course is a practical exposition into all aspects of potable water and effluent distribution piping, fixtures, and ...

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Building Commissioning Operational Readiness

The building commissioning operational readiness workshop is for construction project managers, ...

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Air-Conditioning Maintenance Practical Training

The air-conditioning maintenance course is for building services operatives who are directly involved in the day-to-day hands-...

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Online Asset Management Certificate Course

The Asset Management Certificate Training Covers the globally recognized key principles of Asset Management (AM). It is in 14 Modules and it is done in 3 in-depth Webinars. The Course is a simple, fast and fun way of covering the AM fundamentals.

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Facilities Services Contracting And Procurement Practical Training

The Facility Services Contracting and Procurement workshop is for Procurement...

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[FMO] Facility Management Operation Course

The facility management operation course is for building services operatives who directly interface with building users, manage service providers, custodial, and maintenance teams.

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Facility Management Essentials

This is a four (4) days fully packed training/workshop with materials cause with certificate from International Facility Management Association (IFMA) USA. The Essentials of Facility Management Program is a series of training workshops to meet the educational needs of FM professionals in global FM markets.

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Energy Management And Sustainability Practical Training

The energy management and sustainability workshop is designed to develop a knowledge of documentation and information systems associated with energy management; including principles and practice.

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