Generator and Electrical Maintenance Practical Training


The generator and electrical maintenance course is for building services operatives who are directly involved in the day-to-day hands-on operations and maintenance of power generating sets and plants as well as those involved in building electrical installations and wiring. The training will involve a field trip to live locations of installed equipment and sales points of equipment, components, and spares for physical demonstrations of uses, installation techniques, troubleshooting, breakdown repairs and maintenance procedures.

Training Schedule and Venue

The classes will be held live in class at Max-Migold Training Center at HRDC Building, University of Lagos Main Campus, Yaba, Lagos and participants can join via zoom video telepresence from anywhere in the world. This experience is just like being in class; you attend classes online- live. You can ask and answer questions and everyone will hear you and see you, the only difference is that you will not be sitting on our chairs.

Course Outline / Topics

1: Introduction to Building Electrical and Power Systems2 : Transformer Maintenance3 : Generator Maintenance4 : Diesel Management
5 : Grounding System and Equipment Grounding

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