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Keeping an asset especially a real estate property open and efficiently running is a never-ending job which can be full of moving parts and ever-changing obligations. This is one area that property owners or a property manager can one hundred percent relate with. If you’re finding it hard to deal with these tasks on your own, you might need some assistance from a top facility management provider.

Choosing a good facility management provider can be daunting sometimes. And with so many facility management companies out there and not knowing what to expect, it becomes difficult to find the best one offering the best facility management services for your business.

We also understand that entrusting someone with the day-to-day operations of your facility is a significant move, especially when you’re still learning everything there is to know about facilities management. This is why we have decided to make it easier for you.

This article will highlight how to know which provider is best for you and what best practice to expect from them.

What does a Facility Management company do?

For a newbie or a person relatively inexperienced in this field, it is important to know what specific functions or services a facility management company provides. Many beginners often confused facility management with other similar terms. For example, it is often confused with property management and project management but these terms are different in their own right as regards to functions and practices.  And when the differences and similarities between comparable terminologies are unclear in everyday business encounters, it can lead to erroneous expectations or perceptions.

Facility management versus property management

Facility management and property management for instance are very popular terms mistakenly used interchangeably. The similarities between them are many but also major differences that should to be pointed out.

While both are responsible for constantly improving and maintaining property standards, they are quite different as regards to their individual core functions.

Facility management is an organizational function that integrates people, locations, and procedures inside a property to improve quality of life and overall productivity.

Property management, on the other hand, is overseeing property that is often owned by another business or person. Property managers work on behalf of the owners to keep the property in good condition while also earning money.

While one term is singularly targeted at a service, the other encompasses and integrates a broader function and structure.

So now you know a bit about facility management, what services do they render?

Your facility manager should be able to offer the following core services below;

  • Make sure the owner-occupied and rented spaces are overseen.
  • Maintains full business systems and ensures that they function properly.
  • Maintains environmental, health and safety issues.
  • Manages the facility’s personnel and assigns duties to them.
  • Maintains the building’s security and safety.
  • Ensures that the building’s infrastructure and equipment are always operational and functioning properly.
  • Maintenance and repair duties including proactive/predictive maintenance
  • Conducts troubleshooting in the event of equipment malfunctions to determine whether the problem can be resolved in-house or if an expert is required.
  • Conducts janitorial and housekeeping duties within the facility.

In summary, your facilities management provider is responsible for the preservation of your space, including both the interior and exterior sections of the facility.

At Max-Migold limited, we prioritize your business needs and ensure that there is transparency all through the FM administrative process. We provide you with valuable information and we’re delighted to clarify and explain core activities during the service rendering stage. If you have additional services not listed above that you’ll like our team to include during the management process, kindly schedule a consultation with our chief facility manager and founder.

How to get the best services from your provider

Understanding the profession and services supposedly attached to facility management is necessary because it can help you place proper accountability measures on the individuals who hold these roles. This allows you or the decision-maker to correctly monitor KPIs and determine whether or not your asset is properly maintained and operating optimally.

  1. Experience and positive reviews

First look out for an experienced management company because they often know what they need to do, how to do it and the best practices to take. During the search for a provider, ensure that you go through their detailed profile, required certifications, and trainings.  Reach out to past clients of the provider for information about the company.

  1. Custom solutions

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to managing facility challenges, a facility service provider should be able to provide you with bespoke solutions tailored to your facility needs.

  1. Budgeting Properly

Budgeting properly is a criterion for determining whether your facility service provider is adept at offering high-quality services at a low cost.

Your provider should be able to plan and implement a proper budget because this demonstrates that they can spot cost-cutting options, lowering overall costs while safeguarding your financial health.

  1. Communication and Collaboration

Watch out for timely and effective communication from your provider. To achieve quality service delivery, an ideal facility service provider should effectively communicate and collaborate at all levels.

You should not struggle to comprehend the process and procedures used by your facility service provider, it should come by default. Your provider must ensure that you are kept in the loop of things every step of the way.

In a nutshell

A great FM provider should guarantee that people (tenants or employees) in a facility are safe and comfortable, that the environment is conducive, and that the infrastructure is in good working order. These are the primary goal of the FM process.

Even though these steps above might make the whole process look cumbersome and hard, it really isn’t. Almost all activities are controlled and managed by your provider and you are only there to monitor KPIs and ensure best practices.

Furthermore, aim at using reputable companies such as Max-Migold Limited to ease up the job. We make it as straight forward as possible using the best technologies to ensure premium operations.  We have many years of experiences, both in training thousands of certified facility managers and offering bespoke services to clients all over the world.

What services do you require to improve your living situation or your company’s bottom line? We can help with that.

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