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Finding the best ways of managing energy has become an important concern for many businesses and homes in Nigeria and all over the world. Deloitte report of interviewed companies gathered during the Deloitte Resources 2020 study revealed that half of the companies have energy management strategy integrated into their system. 48% of the companies showed the desire to reduce energy cost as the primary reason they want to put in place the best energy management system. 58% of the companies said they expect a 5% increase in the cost of electricity in the next two years after February 2020.

This implies that companies are giving a close watch on their energy consumption to ensure cost is minimized and are seeking for ways to improve their energy management.Nowadays, the use of smart meters has globally replaced the conventional electro-mechanical meters that was once used many years ago.This has urged utilities throughout the world to shift from conventional electro-mechanical meters to smart meters which provide better security and control. One of such smart options is the prepaid meter.

What a Prepaid Meter is

A Prepaid Energy Meter is a device which enables power utilities to collect electricity bills from the consumers prior to its consumption.

How the Prepaid Meter Works

Due to the high cost of energy and the poor supply, many facilities business and homes have switched to the use of prepaid meter.However, it is also true that the greatest percentage of population in Nigeria and other developing countries are yet start utilizing prepaid meter in their homes and business facilities. Knowing how prepaid meter works will help you understand the benefits of using prepaid meter especially if you live in a country like Nigeria.

How does prepaid meter work in Nigeria?How do I recharge prepaid meter online how to load prepaid meter online for the first time?

Basically, a prepaid meter permits power utilities to collect electricity bills from users before consumption.It is like topping your phone with airtime. You can only get electricity when you recharge or credit your prepaid meter. To start using a prepaid electricity meter, enter your electricity token and the equivalent electricity unit will be added to your account. This can be done anytime.

How the Prepaid Meter Number Look Like and How to Locate your PHCN Meter Number

Your prepaid meter number is easy to locate. You will see it above or below a bar-code on your prepaid meter box. It may also be engraved into the meter box.

The prepaid meter number varies between 1 to 7 digits. It is a combination of numbers and letters.

Benefits of using a Prepaid Meter

In a country where energy has become a scarce commodity, there is need for other smart alternatives to address the problem of poor energy supply. One of such alternative energy management system is prepaid meter.

What are the benefits of using prepaid meter in Nigeria? What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid energy meter?

  1. Accurate Billing:

Of the many advantages of using prepaid meter, accurate billing is one of the most important. The use of prepaid meter permits you to use only the amount of unit you have bought. This eliminates over-billing by electricity distributing companies.

Moreover, you can accurately plan for your monthly energy budget. This is one of the best ways of managing energy and minimize cost for businesses with big facilities to manage. Prepaid meter can also be used in homes.

  1. No Electricity By-Passing:

Another benefit of prepaid meter is that prepaid meter cannot be by-passed. Electricity by-passing is the illegal extraction of electricity. With the use of conventional electro mechanical meters, electricity can be easily by-passed or “tapped” illegally. However, with the use of prepaid meter, electricity cannot be by-passed.

There are 4 ways electrical energy can be by-passed or illegally accessed:

  • Illegal Hook-ups: To access electricity illegally through illegal hook-ups, electrical wires are connected directed to the grid system from a person’s building. Electrocution and electrical fires is at a very high risk with this electricity theft.
  • Meter-Tampering or By-pass: This type of electrical theft is the easiest because it requires no knowledge of electrical wiring. A device is inserted into the meter to lower the meter reading.This leads to inaccurate or lower reading. It can, however, be detected only an audit or inconsistency in the electrical bills.
  • Billing irregularities
  • Unpaid bills

In developing countries like Nigeria, electricity theft is becoming a major issue because of its cost implication on businesses with large facilities. All these disadvantages of conventional electro-mechanical meters make prepaid meter one of the best energy management solutions we have.

  1. No Disconnection or Reconnection Bills:Reconnecting a disconnected electricity comes at an extra charge. But with prepaid meter, there is no disconnection. Your electricity disconnects only when your unit finishes. This is one reason prepaid is one of the best energy management solutions for commercial facilities and homes.
  2. 24/7 Service: Another reason prepaid electricity is among the best energy management solutions you can opt for is its easy accessibility. Prepaid electricity can be accessed and purchased anytime from vendors across the country.
  3. Easy Monitoring: The use of prepaid electricity permits consumers to monitor how they consume electricity because it displays the units for you to see. This also allows you to budget ahead for the next month. With this you’re in control of your facility electricity, making prepaid one of the best energy management solution you can subscribe to.

Are Prepaid Electricity Meters More Expensive?

Prepaid electricity is generally more expensive than the conventional electromechanical meters electricity because the price increases as customers use more electricity. Also, it takes more effort for the suppliers. However, the best time to buy electricity is the first day of each month

How to get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

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Reducing your Prepaid Meter Consumption in Nigeria

Eniscope – Something Better than Prepaid Meter

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Article written by Temitope Lawal

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