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Facility Management Advisory

Facilities Advisory

We give expert advice Operational Readiness and Building Commissioning, Expenses and Overhead Cost Reduction, Outsourcing of Services, etc

Facility Quality Audits

We measure statutory compliance, workplace productivity, prevent costly accidents, system failures, security lapses, and sudden fires with our facility audits of electrical integrity, HSSE, ambience, environments, etc.

Document Digitization

We help organizations go paperless by converting paper documents into a digital management system for reference, retrieval and life time preservation.

Cost Benchmarking

We help organizations justify budget, reduce operating costs, negotiate successfully with vendors and improve work processes by providing them valuable information about their facility’s performance through services scoping and specifications, market rates, vendors prequalification, negotiations, etc.

Facility Management Technology

We deploy instant CMMS or e-Facility, BMS, Fire safety with web and app interfaces to automate and simplify management of entire asset portfolios. We directly handle the programming, design, data acquisition, execution, training and ongoing support of all these systems. We do not sell the license.

Outsourced Helpdesk

We carry out facility management either directly or through managed service providers as principal contractors for integrated property and facility management. Take advantage of our outsourced solutions to streamline your operations in an economical and practical alternative to maintaining an in-house staff.


Take control of your business! Move your business/career in the right direction with the training and knowledge it takes to succeed. Learn how to become one of the most sought-after Facility Managers. We leverage decades of training expertise and the use of the latest technologies to design tailored learning solutions.

Energy Management

Energy costs remain one of the apparent expense categories that negatively impacts the profitability equation for most organisations. You should earn more from increased productivity with every increase in energy consumption and costs, but this is not often the case due to operational wastages, systemic losses, incidences of theft, defects in equipment and cabling, inefficient energy purchasing, amongst others.


We help organizations requiring Facilities Management Professionals to hire. Our recruitment team has access to a database of locally and regionally available candidates of all discipline and skill sets. We offer an end to end service with complete visibility to meet the client’s specific needs. Our recruitment team is made up of a talented group of consultants who have a blend of facility management industry and recruitment experience making true specialists in their field.

Cost Reduction

We deliver substantial cost reduction in several areas of physical facility management through operations processes review, outsourced contracts initiation and reviews, vendor sourcing, pre-qualification and selection, value-based bidding and negotiations. Our optimization and cost reduction system delivers substantial cost savings for organizations. We are also able to harness and disseminate managerial and technical know-how for sustainable and cost-effective management of buildings.

Outsourcing Solutions

We carry out facility management either directly or through managed service providers as principal contractors for integrated facility management. It certainly makes good business sense to streamline operations and take advantage of our outsourced solution that is a more economical and practical alternative to maintaining an in-house staff. We assist clients that lack manpower and technical know-how to adequately address their facility management needs.

Facility Management Technology Solutions

We provide hardware and software, hosted and licensed technology solutions such as CMMS, BMS, Fire safety for sustainable and effective management of large portfolios of real estate assets. We do not sell licenses but directly handle the programming, design, data acquisition, execution, training and ongoing support of our Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and other systems. We are also OEM representatives for cutting-edge innovative building management products.

Manpower Supply

We provide manpower supply to organizations requirements through our established process of screening, training and equipping of personnel. We take into cognizance of the growing demand for locally compliant industry by developing local skills. We have technical experts fully trained, qualified and experienced over a broad range of disciplines at our disposal. Organizations acquiring manpower supply from Max-Migold will be eradicating the stress of hiring, training and inducting staff as our team have the required skills and necessary exposure to meet and exceed all project requirement.

CAFM/CMMS Deployment

We deploy CAFM/CMMS to organization to support their operational and strategic facility management. Our CAFM/CMMS solutions help organizations in planning, managing employees and maintaining the organizational work. Max-Migold provides the facility manager with an operations and maintenance integrated solutions linked to management functionality. Our maintenance systems deliver strategic cost management, minimizes total cost of operation of facilities and occupancy, improves operations efficiency and maximizes building and asset life cycles.

Asset Register/ Asset Tagging

We deploy latest technology like bar-coding and radio frequency identification tagging to catalogue movable and fixed physical assets, and provide a comprehensive database which details relevant data required for real estate strategic and operational planning, insurance cover, accounting, taxation and management decision making.

Facility Condition Assessment

We deploy latest technology used to carry out comprehensive inspections and assessments to uncover building deficiencies. Our reports serve as basis for property acquisition and ownership decisions; upgrade project management budgets and schedules, facility operations and maintenance planning and budgets, as well as building integrity certification.

Project Management

We provide quality assurance and quality control services for new systems deployment, renovation, construction and major outsourcing projects through planning, execution and monitoring controls to ensure best value creation. We give sustainability and maintainability support crucially needed during project management activities

Maintenance Scoping

We provide accurate building measurement for proper work scoping for organizations that are yet to or unable to determine their building measurement. We develop proper scoping requirements for proper facility maintenance and effective cost reduction.

Maintainability And Sustainability Consultancy

Based on the practical application of sustainability best practices, life cycle analysis (LCA), total cost of ownership (TCO), and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), we evaluate decisions taken on materials, equipment, construction/installation methods, personnel, and processes deployed during property renovation or construction to ensure maintainability and sustainability.

Facility Management Organizational Development

We align real estate and property departments to organizational goals through competency and capacity evaluations, organizational structure review and improvements, operations and maintenance template design, and capacity building for in-house FM teams.