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Cost Redunction

We deliver substantial cost reduction in several areas of physical facility management through operations processes review, outsourced contracts initiation, and reviews, vendor sourcing, prequalification and selection, value-based bidding and negotiations. Our optimization and cost reduction system delivers substantial cost savings for organisations. We are also able to harness and disseminate managerial and technical know-how for sustainable and cost-effective management of buildings.


Customer Jobs/Aspect/Components

  • Value for facility management activities at a reduced cost.
  • Implement a cost-cutting strategy
  • Reduce cost and improve profit
  • Deliver more with less
  • Delivery of sustainable cost reduction in operations and maintenance
  • Delivering at the lowest possible cost to counter steep cuts in earnings and boost the bottom line

Customer Pain

  • High cost of operation and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance seen as an indirect spend category

Pain Reliever

  • We would help organisation achieve substantial cost reduction through review of their operational processes and also through Outsourcing
  • Implement a cost reduction strategy
  • Orientate Customer on the relationship between O&M and overall Productivity
  • Align cost to strategy
  • Create a culture of cost optimisation
  • Proper vendor sourcing, prequalification and sourcing
  • Deliver value-based bidding and negotiations
  • Assist in harnessing and disseminating managerial and technical know-how
  • Analyze operating expenses
  • Present identified cost savings and expense reduction recommendations
  • Implement Cost Reduction Analysis Recommendations
  • Implementation of modern facilities management program with great focus on reduction of operational costs

Customer Gain

  • Cost savings
  • Sustainable and cost effective management of facilities
  • Process, system, or technological improvements
  • Profit maximising
  • Correction of billing errors

What others are saying

"In fact, I will change my ways in what I am doing right now. I'm a facility manager in a company, in a hospital actually. I really gained... especially the part of managing your subordinates, in fact, there is a lot of work I am going to put in; and he's really been an inspiration to the little I know, and all that."

Uzoamka Okunu

Facility Manager, - Prime Medical Consultant

"In fact this Course has enhanced my intuition,... before now, most of us normally hear about facility management but we have not gotten the details, but after listening to the facilitator today I am happy to say I have been well informed, well educated and It's a very nice course that I will urge everybody to take part in this training."

Nimram Binde

Security Operation Manager - Notore Chemical Ind. Plc.

The training is timely as it avails FM the opportunity to know their core mandate in any organisation, All FMs are expected to undergo this training to be up to date in their profession. The training is knowledge filled and productive

Kevin Efeakor

CEO, 1st Pinnacle Global Ltd.