Facility Management Technologies


We provide Asset and Facility Management Technologies; hardware and software, hosted and licensed technology solutions such as CMMS, BMS, Fire safety for sustainable and effective management of large portfolios of real estate assets.

HCT Fire Control Systems

The F-500 Encapsulator Agent (EA) Fire Extinguisher brings the rapid knockdown and superior cooling power of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to a portable, stored pressure fire extinguisher that is ideal for first response to Class A and B fires. The F-500 Fire Extinguisher provides the security of an effective agent in a quick response delivery system. The 2.5-gallon supply of 3% solution provides enough protection to prevent a small fire from becoming a large problem.

To protect larger areas, ask about HCT’s F-500 EA fixed and portable agent delivery solutions. From 26-gallon F-500 EA carts to 10,000-gallon fixed concentrate control systems, HCT can provide the fire protection system your application demands.


The Naiade is a mobile water purification unit working on solar power. This system is easy to install, use and maintain. It purifies bacteriologically contaminated water without the use of chemicals.

It is powered by an integrated solar panel and uses state of art UV technology. During hours of darkness, the electricity comes from a battery in the base unit. It is a stand-alone device.

As soon as the container is filled with water, one only has to press the button to start the purification of the water. It is user-friendly for young and old.

Hydrox System

Hydrox Systems is a system that offers you a substantial reduction on your fuel costs for vehicles, generators and machines, reduces emission and environmental pollution, while at the same time improving efficiency and prolonging engine life.

There are no changes that will be made to your engine or any other parts of your vehicles and generators during installation of the hydrogen generator for your engines. An entirely independent system will be attached to your engines with ease. This system will immediately improve on the working capacity of your engine with a great combustion cycle, thereby reducing the noise generation. It gives you clean pistons and valves which reduces vibration. The hydrogen also helps to improve the power of your engine by improving the rate of acceleration.

Firepass Fire Prevention And Suppression Systems

FirePASS is a fire prevention and suppression system that works by limiting one of the components of combustion: Oxygen. It uses Hypoxic (oxygen reduction) technology to provide proactive and permanent fire protection.

The resulting air is breathable low oxygen air – no nitrogen injection. There is no damage by water, foam or extinguishing agents which is a major disadvantage of other firefighting and prevention equipment.

FirePASS is the inventor and patent holder of this unique Hypoxic Venting Technology, which assures you that you are using the original and safest system available on the market.


PeopleLink offers a wide range of Video Conferencing Products, Software and Solutions for one time buy as well as rental services for Video Conference Rental Services (SaaS). Being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, we deliver the most comprehensive and reliable, multiparty Business video conferencing products in all parts of the globe.

Our Multi-Party Video Conferencing Software Solutions work on simultaneous concurrent user’s model, which allows you to connect anyone anywhere, not just fixed locations.

Products: Unified Telepresence (UTP); Instant Video Conferencing (InstaVC), PeopleLink HDVC

Instanta Computer Aided Facility Management Software

It is an indigenous, comprehensive, and easy to use web-based Enterprise Facility Management System. It provides web-based tools to record, schedule, assign, communicate and monitor all facilities, asset and inventory management activities, for quick and easy report generation for management decision making. With Instanta you can easily track the location, usage, maintenance history and total cost of ownership of your critical assets.

Why Instanta? It is easy to use, low risk, Flexible, secure, has strong local support, Indigenous and Web-based.