Nimram BindeSecurity Operation Manager, Notore Chemical Ind. Plc.

“In fact this Course has enhanced my intuition,… before now, most of us normally hear about facility management but we have not gotten the details, but after listening to the facilitator today I am happy to say I have been well informed, well educated and It’s a very nice course that I will urge everybody to take part in this training.”

Uzoamka OkunuFacility Manager, Prime Medical Consultant

“In fact, I will change my ways in what I am doing right now. I’m a facility manager in a company, in a hospital actually. I really gained… especially the part of managing your subordinates, in fact, there is a lot of work I am going to put in; and he’s really been an inspiration to the little I know, and all that.”

Kelvin EfeakporCEO 1stpinnacle Global Ltd.

“The training is timely as it avails FM the opportunity to know their core mandate in any organisation. All FMs are expected to undergo this training regularly to be up to date in their profession. The training is knowledge filled and productive.”

ElohorGeneral Manager

“If I had done that interview before the [Master Craft] class has started I don’t think I would have gotten that job. A lot of things that have learnt in this place …brought me out and made me stand out in the interview process. I’m 100% sure it was due to the few lectures … in the [Master Craft] class got me all the idea I was able to put forward and got me the job.”

Hilary OborghayujieTechnologist, University of Benin

“I have come to realize that Facility Management is all about managing human beings, managing resources… procurement, displaying responsibility beyond your job description. So it’s about creating comfort for others and also working for yourself…. when I go back to my working place, I can begin to put them into use to actually enhance the environment where I came from”

Makinde GbolaHead of Projects, Notore Chemical Ind. Plc.

“It’s been very good and very nice; the training was well structured… I want to say that we are very grateful to the facilitator, … it’s a way of his own giving back to the system. We appreciate him, we thank him a lot,… We thank everybody for coming despite the problem of the road, especially the broken bridge; you can see how important the training seems to be to people.”

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