Effective facilities management is vital to the success of many organisations. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day level, effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment – essential to the performance of any business.

Facilities management is not just a task but a profession. College and university courses have become available to teach facilities management, and with increased awareness of it and the cost involved in owning or leasing facilities, it’s gradually evolving from a simple job description to a business-critical role.

Your facilities are part of your assets

Your business’ premises are your biggest and main facility, and they require strategic planning to achieve optimal value against running costs. Facilities are not only one of your company’s largest assets, but also one of the strongest. They represent a significant cost to your business and given proper attention can maximise value while reducing costs – adding directly to your bottom line.

Without a dedicated resource your facilities aren’t getting the attention they deserve and could have an adverse effect that puts the company at risk.

Owning or leasing facilities carries with it an environmental and legislative complexity. Proper facilities management enables more sustainable operation – critical to the environment as well your corporate image. So your business benefits from better efficiency, environmental sustainability, legal compliance and a profile boost – what’s not to like?

Facilities require a team of specialists to provide services – a team that understands how to ensure that resources work together to maximise value and minimise costs. This team should absorb the considerable effort it takes to effectively manage facilities allowing your company to focus on delivering its core business.

The standard of the workplace impacts on employee productivity

Managing your facilities allows you to see trends, make and track changes and subsequently identify the risks that may carry with them a negative impact. This knowledge enables corrective action which in turn reduces risk – and cost.

The environment you create and the facilities you provide your employees have a substantial impact on productivity. Recent research conducted at industry events by PHS showed that 88% of respondents believed that the standard of their workplace impacted on their productivity. Understanding your business functions and the necessary facilities is vital for maximising your employees’ efficiency.

Statistics show that employees are more productive and actually enjoy going to work when they know the environment they work in is looked after. A productive, happy workforce has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Written by: Nathan Flint
Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social Media Management at Vansdirect

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